Rui Moreira

Artistic Direction
Guilherme Blanc

Executive Direction
Sílvia Fernandes

Assistant Curator
Sofia Lemos

Production Coordination
Patrícia Vaz

Curatorial Support
Rita Roque

Editorial Coordination

Lídia Queirós
Learning Programmes
Graça Lacerda, Rita Roque

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06.10 — 18.11.2018

Musa paradisiaca

Galeria Municipal do Porto presents Curveball Memory, the most significant exhibition developed in Portugal by Musa paradisiaca (b.2010), a dialogue-based artistic project by Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão.

Drawing from polyvocality and the coming-together of objects, forms and words, Musa paradisiaca conveys the diverse entities and tutelary figures the duo has incorporated into its practice. The artists recognised in its early stages that conversation can generate a singular entity that overflows any correlation between kin and kind. Conversation, which puts forth the sense of self—of one who speaks and another who listens—is also a word that derives from being together in conversion, giving way to a space in which each person, or each thing, emerges in a distinct albeit related manner.

A project about conversation as co-presence, Curveball Memory stages these elements as transitory memories and in-between states, materialising its continuous transformation through oral, textual, sound, film, sculptural and performance based objects. The exhibition departs from the potential of dialogue to emancipate language from the domain of human consciousness, listening to things that are often represented as silent.  

Curated by:
Sofia Lemos

Special thanks to:
Dan Gunn Gallery, Berlin