05.12.2020 – 14.02.2021

Uma galeria de histórias

The Galeria Municipal do Porto asked three curators to develop a project of reviewing different moments, expressions and tendencies associated to the activity of Porto’s art galleries between 1950 and 2010 that defined the Portuguese artistic context. During these decades, Porto’s gallery scene played a fundamental role in developing new languages of artistic production in Portugal and was equally decisive in the construction of new perspectives on Portuguese and international art. The history that the project aims to recover and explain shows the individual and collective strength of Porto’s spaces and agents that launched new ways of making and discussing art. The perspectives of three curators from Porto concerning this heritage will be materialised in a revealing exhibition that incorporates various narratives, some forgotten, others not entirely forgotten but whose historical‑artistic value should be reassessed, and others that remain absolutely significant, but should also be analysed from the perspective of today’s economic and cultural outlook. The exhibition, therefore, questions the city from those who redefined the concept of the ‘art gallery’, or from those who consequently redefined their practice, from an intellectual, artistic and ethical perspective.
Curated by:
José Maia
Paula Parente Pinto
Paulo Mendes

Albuquerque Mendes and Gerardo Burmester.
Férias no Espaço Lusitano, 1983.
Imagem of the performance at Espaço Lusitano, Porto, 05.07.1983
© Unknown author
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