12.06 – 22.08.2021

WALL גדר جدار

The Men Behind the Wall, the short film by Inés Moldavsky, winner of the Golden Bear at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), addresses the Israeli‑Palestinian conflict from a provocatively articulated perspective. Using the Tinder dating app on a mobile phone, the artist communicates with men living in different areas on the other side of the border – in the West Bank and Gaza – in an attempt to set up a real meeting. The particular context of intimate interactions in the digital age serves as a backdrop to question the absurdity of segregation, while discussing power relations and gender stereotypes, based on subjects such as culture and religion.  Wall גדר جدار, results from a curatorial proposal made to the artist by Guilherme Blanc (Artistic Director of Batalha – Film Centre) in order to translate multiple elements of her film into an exhibition project intensifying the work’s real characters and its socio‑political context.
Curated by:
Guilherme Blanc

Inés Moldavsky. Wall for print, 2018.
Courtesy of the artist
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