• Opening of exhibitions

    On December 11th, the Galeria Municipal do Porto will open two new exhibition projects, — "The Hour Before Sunset", by artist Milena Bonilla, curated by Juan Luis Toboso and the group exhibition "Erro 417: Expectativa Falhada", curated by Marta Espiridião, resulting from the project Expo'98 in Porto.
    From 10 to 6 pm

    Free entry
  • "The Hour Before Sunset" - Guided visit with the artist and curator

    On the day after the opening at Galeria Municipal do Porto, the artist Milena Bonilla and the curator Juan Luis Toboso will make a guided visit to the exhibition "The Hour Before The Sunset". 
    Activity subject to prior registration by e-mail: galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.

    Free entry
  • "Erro 417: Expectativa Falhada" - Guided visit with the curator

    On Saturday, january 8, curator Marta Espiridião will make a guided tour to the group exhibition "Erro 417: Expectativa Falhada". 
    Activity subject to prior registration by e-mail: galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.
    Free entry
  • ping! - Exodus para escolas

    Exodus, part of ping - Programa de Incursão à Galeria - aims to recognize the local artistic fabric through guided visits to galleries, exhibition spaces and artists' studios in the city of Porto.
    The programme is divided into two categories, Exodus para todos and Exodus para escolas, the latter aimed at secondary and higher education students, comprising three exploratory itineraries of the cultural scene in the city of Porto. Each route is preceded by a framming session, which takes place in a classroom context.
    All routes are carried out on foot. Meeting point to be defined.
    The routes have a capacity of one class at a time and registration can be made by emailing galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.
  • Ongoing

    Walk along the gardens with Von Calhau!

    ping! — Programa de Incursão à Galeria
    Gineceu & Estigma / Especulações Botânicas

    Due to a storm, scheduled for the night of October 30, 2021, it was not possible to fulfill the walk.
    Therefore, remains the possibility of doing it in person or virtually. 
    Online guided version available here.

    Printed version available on the balcony of GMP.

    Von Calhau! is the name that conceals all musical and visual projects of Portuguese duo Marta  ngela and João Alves, worked out together since 2006. Their recent public presentations include performances, concerts, movie projections, exhibitions, radio programs and workshops at different venues such as Atelier MTK (France), ZDB Gallery and Museu de Serralves (Portugal) and more recently Residency Unlimited (USA).

    Gardens of Palácio

    Image credit: Von Calhau!


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