• Saturday, October 30, from 6:30pm to 8pm

    Walk along the gardens with Von Calhau!

    ping! — Programa de Incursão à Galeria
    Gineceu & Estigma / Especulações Botânicas

    Von Calhau!
    is the name that conceals all musical and visual projects of Portuguese duo Marta  ngela and João Alves, worked out together since 2006. Their recent public presentations include performances, concerts, movie projections, exhibitions, radio programs and workshops at different venues such as Atelier MTK (France), ZDB Gallery and Museu de Serralves (Portugal) and more recently Residency Unlimited (USA).
    Gardens of Palácio

    To participate in the walk, prior registration is required.
    The selection will be made in order of registration, by e-mailing galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt

    Image credit: Von Calhau!
  • Friday (18h30-20h00) and Saturday (10h00-16h00), November 5 and 6

    Formas Partilhadas – Terracota workshop with Formabesta

    Terracota workshop oriented by the artist collective Formabesta (Juan and Salvador Cidrás), in partnership with Ó! Cerâmica.

    Based on the idea of ​​“playing” and “learning by doing”, this workshop starts from a series of traditional clay shapes to carry out a continuous process of transformation into other forms that arise from improvisation, chance and collaborative action. As Bruno Munari reminds us, what matters is the possibility of playing with countless possibilities, incessantly changing, testing and testing. Only then, "the mind becomes flexible, the thinking dynamic: the creative individual".

    Salvador Cidrás and Vicente Blanco are visual artists and professors in the area of ​​Visual Expression at the University of Santiago de Compostela at the Facultad de Formación de Profesorado de Lugo. Graduates in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Vigo, PhDs in Humanities (USC) and Fine Arts (UGR), respectively, and graduates in Ceramics from EASD Ramón Falcón, Lugo, they develop their artistic research in different mediums, such as video, drawing, sculpture and installation. Their work has been exhibited individually in different contemporary art museums, such as the Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), CGAC (Compostela), MUSAC (León), as well as in several group exhibitions.
    Part of the public programme of the exhibition “Pés de Barro”, curated by Chus Martínez and Filipa Ramos.

    Aimed for adults

    Location: Ó Cerâmica (Rua de Adolfo Casais Monteiro 61, 4050-014 Porto)

    To participate in the workshop, prior registration is required.
    The selection of participants will be made in order of registration, by e-mail galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.

    The time and conditions for participation are subject to the safety rules imposed by the General Directorate of Health during the program period.

    Image credit: Formabesta (Salvador e Juan Cidras)
  • November 6, at 4pm

    Guided tours of the exhibitions

    The Galeria Municipal do Porto conducts a guided tour of the exhibitions on the first Saturday of each month.
    Free entry

    Activity subject to prior registration by e-mail: galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.
  • Saturday, November 13, from 4pm to 7pm

    Walk with Felícia Teixeira, Oriente–Campanhã

    ping! — Programa de Incursão à Galeria
    Exodus / Exodus para Todos

    In this Exodus itinerary, the visual artist Felícia Teixeira will propose a visit to different spaces of creation and artistic exhibitions in the area, maintaining the premise of bringing the public closer to the places and cultural agents of the city.
    In this new 'Oriente-Campanhã' route, the participants will have the oportunity of meeting the colectibe atelier Campanice, the Atelier Logicofobista and the Hotelier space.

    Felícia Teixeira works since 2011 as a visual artist, in partnership with João Brojo, integrating national and international exhibitions, in spaces such as Galeria Graça Brandão, Maus Hábitos, Espaço Mira (Portugal) and New Jorg (Austria). In 2014, she completed her master's degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. In parallel, she develops work in cultural production having already collaborated with the Serralves Foundation, the Câmara Municipal do Porto, Maus Hábitos, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, the Casa da Animação, UPTEC and the Municipalities of Vila Real and Fundão.
    All walks are carried out on foot.
    Meeting point: Campanice (Rua Anselmo Braancamp, 529. 4000-084 Porto)

    To participate in the walk prior registration is required.
    The selection of participants will be made in order of registration, by e-mailing galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.

    Image credits:  "Parque Zootrónico", Atelier Logicofobista, 2020
  • Sunday, November 21, 4pm

    The Disappearing Act - Performance by Yinka Esi Graves

    The artist Pedro G. Romero invited the Afro-descendant bailaora Yinka Esi Graves to the closing performance of the exhibition Novos Babilónios – Atravessar a Fronteira.
    The creation of The Disappearing Act is part of an ongoing project (co-authored with Miguel Ángel Rosales) and is the result of the artist's residency, in September, in the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, based on the Primeira Exposição Colonial Portuguesa.
    Location: Galeria Municipal do Porto
    Time: 4pm

    To participate in the presentation the free ticket must be collected (maximum 2 per person) up to 15 minutes before the event starts. Reservations can be made in advance by emailing galeriamunicipal@agoraporto.pt.

    Image credits: Miguel Angel Rosales


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