18.09 – 21.11.2021

I Don’t Know Karate, but I Know Ka-Razor!

Pandemic takes us to a zero‑degree state to confront the fragility and finitude of the body, of disease and sanity, and the human struggles rooted in the world and in nature. The exhibition results from an invitation made by the Galeria Municipal do Porto to the artist Filipe Marques to question viral concepts. In his work, the artist uses apocalyptic poetics to guide us, as spectators, to learn about the impotence of the human condition and to an attempt to c ontrol invisible contaminations or a balance of forces and resistances.
Filipe Marques studied in Portugal and Germany and his work develops from the theories of modern philosophers and the writers of Classical Antiquity, in an attempt to understand Humanity and the construction of a God. He uses anachronistic devices with images of people and places, re-enacting ruined urban landscapes and plundered museographies, while revisiting metaphors about failures and self‑destructions from which, as an artist, he doesn’t want to escape.
Curated by:
Isabeli Santiago
Juan Luis Toboso

Filipe Marques. Felt, 2018.
Courtesy of the artist
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